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She was born in Castrelo do Val (Orense) and spent her childhood in Montevideo. Her first job was in a textile company in that city, where she obtained a great deal of knowledge about fabrics, which is the base of her profession. When she was 21 years old she moved to Canada where she came into contact with the world of leather and after a fleeting stay in New York, she decided to come back to Spain in 1978 and she finally settled in Barcelona.
In 1981 she introduced her first complete collection and in 1983 she was consolidated in the national market, participating each year in the Madrid and Barcelona fashion shows. In 1985 she opened her first store in Belgium, specifically in Antwerp and in 1989 she participated for the first time on the catwalk of Milan where Italian critics gave a very warm endorsement of her work. Due to the opening of her boutiques in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in 1990, she introduced for the first time, her work on the catwalk of the capital Nippon. In 1995, she opened her boutique-workshop in the avenue of Pau Casals in Barcelona. There, outside the prêt-a-porter, she devotes personal attention to what she calls new couture. Examples of this new couture are her wedding dresses which from 1997 are presented on the catwalk of the group Novia España.

In 1998 she signed an agreement with STL about the design, manufacturing and distribution of a Prêt-à-porter feminine line, masculine line and accessories collections. A year later, her collaboration with the photographer Chema Madoz, National Prize of Photography, began. This relationship was consolidated with time, until each advertising image is the most keenly anticipated event of each season.

In 2001 the book “Tener Estilo” was published by the editorial Temas de Hoy and in 2003 Purificación García created the Photography Award to which she gave her name. This event, after nine editions, has been consolidated as one of the most prestigious contests in Spain. In April 2011, this initiative opened some new horizons with the Purificación García Award in Latin America in the influential Art Fair Zona MACO.

Through the last few years, Purificación García has carried out dome collaborations in the artistic world. In 2005, she collaborated with the German artist Sweltana Heger in her series Playtime and in 2010 she developed the caring handbag Thinking of Dallipur with the artist Alicia Framis and the Art Center LABoral.

In 2006 she started to work with the photographer and art director Juan Gatti to make the images for her campaigns. So far he has taken photographs of people representing the sociocultural life of Spain like Geraldine Chaplin, Marlango, Estrella Morente, Javier Conde, Ángela Molina, Martín Rivas, Elena Anaya, Únax Ugalde, Ana Belén and Marina San José.

In December 2011, she was awarded with the ministerial Silver Medal for Merit in Work.

She received the 2017 National Fashion Award from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness in recognition for her career.