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A very special accessory

Stone beginning is the title of an artistic collaboration project launched by Purificación García with the Mexican artist Sofía Táboas and the RAC Foundation, focused on the promotion and diffusion of contemporary art.

The artist worked with a big quantity of textile patchworks and leathers which came from the designers workshops. The aim of this project was bringing to reality a spectacular installation exposed at the RAC Foundation until February 2014 which was inspired in how the stone and the landscape turns into raw material in everyday work.

The personal and professional history of two different women which belong to different but parallel generations, get together in this particular project with the origin as the background and the knitting and granite as leading role materials.

Due to this collaboration, Purificación García and Sofía Táboas have worked together in the creation of a very special accessory, inspired in the Galician metalsmith tradition. The piece is a half rigid necklace limited edition, conceived from the basis taking into account the numerous gold mines located in the area since the roman age as well as the different treasures preserved since the bronze period in Galicia. This gold- plated necklace highlights the granite grey-color stone, the most important detail of the piece sculpted at the local workshops.

The project

Purificación García, whose family went to Latin America when she was a child, has a similar origin to Sofía who was born in Mexico D.F., nevertheless her father and ancestors were raised in Galicia.

Sofía Táboas travelled to Galicia invited by the RAC Foundation, which offers the international artists the possibility to think about the different aspects of the culture and the landscape. Along this journey, she went back through the fields of her childhood at the Ribeiro orensano, searching the point of departure of her project. The distinctive feature of this area, the Pena Corneira valley, are the odd stone formed 300 million years ago. The granite and its eccentric shapes will be the main edge of her masterpiece inspired in how the landscape turns into raw material for the day a day work.

The work

The textile field is without any doubts one of the main business of the interior region of Galicia. The RAC Foundation, which already knew the work of Purificación with different artists as well as her own personal history, didn’t doubt for a second when it came to their hands this project. The installations of the Foundation were the next stop of the journey.

Far from our actual mechanized world, the artist was fascinated with the human hands that work the fabrics each day. Anonymous women’s hands that have spent hours making dreams. The results of their silent job are the fabrics that are the better example of an extraordinary raw material.

After more than nine years of pick up, the teams of cutting and tailoring have gathered tons of fabrics of collection’s remnants and accessory leathers. Now these fabrics got a second chance, a new back to life.

The idea was settled on an installation where iron sculptures and plaster coexist in the same space. The leit motiv of these sculptures make reference to the granite formations of her natural place of birth, all surrounded by a colorful forest made up in proportional leather remnants thanks to the job of the Purificación García team.

As well, Sofía Táboas wanted to develop a second part of the work inspired in the characteristic cube, which is the symbol of Purificación García, by designing a series of methacrylate boxes filled with cents of color cubes of 3x3 cm. For this matter she entrusted and collaborated with the ESDEMGA students, the Design and Fashion School of Galicia. Purificación have already collaborated in diverse projects to support the new young designers.

The hands that have collaborated along this particular work in progress are a lot. The blacksmith that shaped the base of the pieces to the sculptor that defined it with plaster, the cutting and tailoring teams of Purificación García and the design students that cut and sew more than 30.000 textile cubes and leather. All of them have created a work in which two landscapes coexist: a Stone and a leather landscape.

The outcome of this project is held at the RAC Foundation, Pontevedra, until February 2014.

The 30% of the necklace’s sales will be set aside for different social actions in all the countries that held the sale: Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Chili.