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Based on key concepts representing the brand's identity, such as the use of color, geometry and sense of humor, the artist Carlos Maciá has come up with the PU Project, an interactive proposal created for the flagship stores of Purificación García.

The PU Project is part of numerous collaborations that Purificación García has established with artists for over a decade. This is the first project specifically conceived for the stores, being the interaction with visitors its line of action. Owing to his work full of plastic and aesthetic forcefulness, Purificación García considers Carlos Maciá as the perfect artist to run a project of this nature.

The starting point is the use of a particular material, the polyurethane, whose acronym PU gives name to the project. Polyurethane foam, usually limited to industry and construction fields, is rarely used in plastic arts. Carlos Maciá's work focuses on amplifying the pictorial field by doing research on new forms of painting use, application and contextualization. This is where his interest on the polyurethane fits, a material with physical and chemical particularities lending a determining and distinguishing character to it. It is applied using a spray and quickly solidified when touching the air, so that it acquires an undefined and unpredictable volume. The result is a blurred organic shape, described by the artist as shapeless.

In this piece, Maciá bases on the benchmark and logo of the brand: the cube. The big wooden polyhedron situated at the store's center is covered in deep green polyurethane foam. The cube's minimalism counteracts the shapeless foam, starting a game where a rigid geometric figure plays against a random organic shape; a permanent and hard material against an ephemeral and soft one; shape against shapeless.

Thus, a huge deep-colored prism is created, featuring an amazing and forceful organic texture, an energy output invading the room. Visitors can interact with this work of art by pulling some pieces out, so that shape and color progress and transform themselves every day. The initially green piece is constantly destroyed and built. Little by little, we will discover a pale pink behind the green color, which sharply contrasts with our starting structure and encourages the audience to pull another piece out.

This dynamics turns the visitor's participation at the store into the key factor, making the piece a work in progress whose final phase is a contest. Everybody is invited to photograph their pieces out of the store and publish them under the hashtag #idoproyectoPU.

PU Project has took place at the store Serrano, 28, Madrid, from the 15th October to the 15th November 2015.

In February 2016, the project was simultaneously carried out at three locations in Mexico DF: Purificación García store at Antara shopping centre, Polanco, Zona Maco art fair and Palacio de Hierro in Polanco.