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The Purificacion Garcia Photography Collection has its origin on homonym award, created in 2003 with the aim of discovering new talents as well as strengthen support and spread the photographic medium in art circuits.

Led by internationally recognized professionals - Maria de Corral, Marta Gili, Rosa Olivares, Lola Garrido, Oliva María Rubio, Vicente Todolí, Manuel Borja – Villel, Rafael Doctor, Alberto Martín, Miguel Von Hafe, Pedro Lapa, Sergio Mah y Chema Madoz have been part of the Jury – the Purificación García Photography Award worked from 2003 to 2013 as an excellent testing ground and opportunities for young creators from the Iberian Peninsula and helped the company to start a corporate photography collection.

During the last ten years, we’ve created a collection that takes the pulse of the photographic scene of Spain and Portugal. With more than 50 works, in Purification Garcia Photography Collection are represented the most prominent peninsular artists of the XXI century, reflecting on it their hopes, searches and concerns. It assumes the hybridization that characterizes contemporary creation, embracing different ways of understanding the photographic act.

In parallel, since 2010 the collection is completed with acquisitions from Purificacion Garcia’s Latin-American Photography Award, who was created to open the Photography Collection to new frontiers, making share in the excitement of Latin American art. This award, with an advisory committee integrated by Celia Sredni de Birbragher and Osvaldo Sánchez, takes place in the prestigious art fair Zona MACO and it is open to all artists of origin or residence in Latin America participating in this event.

Since the journey of this collection began -first in the Iberian Peninsula and then in the Latin American continent- the professionals who have helped to make it grow have valued the vitality of the young contemporary photographic creation.

The purpose of the Photography Collection Purification Garcia is continuing to grow and evolve, open to the present perfect that reflects from the beginning of century XXI.